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  1. Wow, this is good.

    I used to check out all of your stuff, but I had censorship problems, then financial problems, then more censorship problems, then more censorship problems, then more financial problems. I have an ancient internet device that decided on semi-retirement – it only works part-time. I have limited time online even when my device works. I think I’ll make an effort to stop by periodically. 😎

    Here’s a little something I wrote about a recent stretch of time in the Internet Penalty Box:


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    • I understood that you were having censorship issues. Sorry to hear that continue. There is a war reporter named Chris Hedges, that I have been listening to….it seems if one speaks out, they are shut off …or worse… This image is based on my feelings about the state of the world. Makes sense that you would enjoy it. I have had my difficulties with censorship of my own work.. Trying to be patient with the algorithms…

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      • This is my second attempt at writing this comment. I don’t know why, but the screen blinked and my reply disappeared. Anyway…

        Chris Hedges is more than just a war reporter. He won a Pulitzer Prize with the New York Times uncovering criminal activity by the U.S. in the Oil Company Wars in the Middle East, but he writes about virtually everything. In case you’ve never read it, check out this short but brilliantly written essay called “The Careerists” – provocative art with words. I think you’ll appreciate it (if you’ve never read it). 😎

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      • The audiobook of Hedge’s that I listened to…Death of the Liberal Class… I am about 6 hours in.. 3 hours left… I have a book that I really must just sit down and read. Moral Man and Immoral Society by Reinhold Niebuhr. I believe it is still relevant. I will check out the essay, thanks! 🙂

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