In Loving Memories of Mitch Hilton and His Continuing Spirit

It is rare to have had the pleasure to meet someone who changes the course of your life.
Mitch did that with me, TWICE. His beautiful voice inspired me to become a songwriter. I was lucky
to have been a songwriting partner with him. The second change came from watching him live his life.
His stewardship inspired me to get sober and sane, that took quite some time. So…here is a playlist
of tunes that we wrote together with another good friend, covers, some funny outtakes that I think he
would want me to include, and a few that he wrote himself. I have hundreds of hours of tape to go thru,
so this is part one of the playlists. There are a lot of gems that he wrote, I just don’t know which
tapes upon which they were recorded. So, I loved his voice and him…..

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