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    • Hey thank! It certainly feels good to play. I was tired about to go to sleep when I did this video. I was excited. Hey, I just want to let you know that I think it is Brave and Cool that you are doing the Oil Paintings. In my book that is the real deal. I have not the patience needed to work in Oils anymore. Maybe in the future I might. Love the work you are doing!!

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      • It’s a sweet instrument man, am excited for you… love the sound, fills the room and heart. Much appreciate your feedback on the oil paintings, really cherish the words… reserve fuel for me when the voices get loud and doubt raises its head from time to time, haha. I look forward to your oil studies in equal measure as your music. Keep rocking man, we are swinging and cheering for you.

        P.S. regarding patience, remember what Michael Keaton said in The Company, about espionage and raising orchids, “Well crossing orchids is a very long, very tedious process, not unlike the business of counter espionage… It requires the patience of a saint.” https://youtu.be/vVDP4qrHEWY?t=3942


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