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    • Hey thank! It is a study of a portrait, by a 19th Century Master artist, though I do not know the name of the artist. I need to revisit Robert Henri, images of his should pop in my head, must revisit Art History. Thank for telling me what you see. It is beneficial!

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      • Hey, just did a little background reading on Robert Henri.. That’s a heavy name to compare to me. Thank! What struck me, is that he taught Stuart Davis, who is a fave of mine. That he felt threatened as an American Painter to European Modernism. Though he did display at the Armory Show of 1913. He did not discourage his students to experience Modernism. Here is my background..It is as if right now I am going backwards.. From modernism to more of a realism. I embraced Pure Abstraction, Fauvism, and Expressionism when I was young. Now, I am trying to hit some sort of realist mark. The mid-point where it is real, but painterly or expressive. See? I think that is where you see Henri, in my stuff. Note: Henri liked Bougereau, a romantic 19th century realist… So on this portrait study, you see the romantic part in it. Anyway thank for making me brush the dust off the Art History Books. I think I want to use more brown, dark umber, in the backgrounds now.

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      • I know I am going on and on.. Perhaps your comparison is the subject matter to. in that Henri’s circle of artists wanted to tell some sort of truth in subject, of the slums, of the everyday degradation one sees.. Like some sort of social realist. I know his works can be considered ‘crude’, if you compare him to John Singer Sargent..but if I hit the the ‘crudeness’ of depiction in Henri..then it is a damn miracle! He also liked Theodore Dreiser, the writer, who was born in my hometown, Terre Haute, Indiana.

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  1. I could listen all day, I love art history. Now I have got some digging to do on Stuart Davis and Theodore Dreiser, thank you!
    Would you consider now that you are going more for “abstract realism”? it’s a term I came across while watching one of David Leffel’s video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtQ_6YrldLY. I am not trying to be pedantic but I feel all these multiple terminologies exciting because they are bringing my understanding closer to a vision I can identify with 🙂 That’s why I liked when you said “some sort of social realist” with a hit of “crudeness”.
    Anyway I think I found one of my favorite sites, and I am going to keep a close eye to it. Looking forward to more of your art (and music)!

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    • I watched the video, describing the term, Abstract Realism. It’s definition was not concrete (which is kind of funny in itself). I SEE what it is.. more than anything else. What I love when I hit the mark, is that Point where one’s mind recognizes, “ah, it’s a face” but at the same time, the mind is not able to define the colors and shades of gray. Perhaps you are right, in saying Abstract Realism. The mind defines, at the same time as it is not able to experience the image other than being colors. Like a blending of the 2 Hemispheres of the mind, left and right, logical and unconscious, creative. By the way, my Minor for my undergraduate degree, was Art History, primarily Western Art, Europe. I got straight A’s (proud of that.)

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