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      • Yeah, stormy weather is an adventure, huh? I suppose it’s fun if you do not get seasick, puking of the side of the life raft. 🙂 We have something in common too, that my father is really ill, my sis and I are trying to take care of him… So, I am like… a caregiver now…..

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      • I’m sorry your father is ill. It’s good you have your sister it’s extremely hard doing it alone. I’ve begun to resent my twin sister who lives 10 minutes away and doesn’t work. She doesn’t help at all and won’t even answer her phone. I’ve always been close to my dad. This is taking a toll on me physically and mentally. I’ve looked into moving to Florida for both our sakes. My sister would be forced to step up for once. My relationship with my dad has become toxic he knows what he can get away with, he’s stubborn, but he’s also become aggressive and that I can’t handle. For some reason I’m waiting for someone to tell me it’s ok to leave.

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      • Yeah, I understand how situations like can end up in resentment. So I try to keep my head aware of the possibility. I am not equipped to deal with getting pissed off.. Hey, know that you aren’t alone in all of this. I hear your voice, for what that is worth.. Take care 🙂

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      • Thank you so much! It’s worth more than you know. Every day or every hour I flip between wanting to run away and start a career in Professional Wrestling and crying for the Dad I know and love. (for some odd reason I’ve started watching wrestling again like I did with my Dad & older brother when I was little I kind of find it therapeutic lol)


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