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  1. Not just referring to this piece Ted but (after having skimmed through) most of the stuff on this site I have to say I’m impressed… you’re very creative man ! Painting, music, Beatnik poetry, etc., hugely creative… and so much output too… you must be working most every day in your waking hours… I don’t know where you get your inspiration and energy from… but then I’m an old man… I wouldn’t… ha! Look, I send a good firm handshake to you Ted… you deserve success and recognition… but then it tend’s to be the artist’s lot that he or she be poor haha. Best wishes to you ijn any event, Peterx

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    • Hey, a firm handshake to you as well. I know that it took me quite some time to respond to your comment. You should know that it made my day for days on end. Yes, I do create all my waking hours. I try to keep in mind, creative balance, to let myself have down time. Perhaps it is the artist’s lot in life to be tested, ya know? To live in obscurity or poverty. For me, it’s is love of it. I do it, because that is what I do. Making up for lost time, other times it is a way to pass my time. Thank you! You have indeed made me very happy! 🙂


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