Going Down (original song)

Going Down

(lyrics) written circa 2000
Walk around innocent, dumb, and blind
With the veil pulled down I’m not alive
Never asked who I am, who are you, what I do
And I just don’t know
I’m going down, my life

March thru time, I’m lookin’ for the truth
Asked the wrong questions, got confused
I’m as wise as the bum sittin’ on the street
Askin’ for change, gettin’ sumthin’ to eat
and I have been there
going down..

Slick pretty faces on the rock magazines
Got the right smile, no brains, lotsa teeth
Got the cash, the sex, a limousine
It’s an OverDose, it’s a Legacy
What’s up man?
Going Down?

There are those who scoff at the top
Who size their worth by the shoes they bought
Even those who’ve been slashed, cut, left for dead
I’ll take my money
and Place My Bet-
The only place to go is up!
I won’t go down, I won’t go down,
I won’t go down.

Categories: Original Music, Ted Giffin

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