CATCH (audio)

CATCH (cover)

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      • Good to know. In the process of moving and not sure of where we are landing but…. send me information like $$ and shipping? My email is I particularly like your ballet pictures. Very degas to me…and I certainly know i cannot afford a Degas.

        Also, the possibility of being near Boston, San Fran or San Diego r high on the list. R u near there? Cheers! J

        And most importantly, would you sell a ballet one? How big r they…. im sure more questions, but for now, lets see what happens. Probably not ready until next fall/winter before we have a house. But i am very, very interested. So let me know.

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      • Yes, I will definitely sell one of the Ballet Dancers to you. I just got this message. I am going to bed now. I will send an email to you in the morning, where we can discuss this in better detail. I am in the Midwest, Bloomington, Indiana. I do have family in Massachusetts. I am more partial to Boston, and the cold associated with that region. Anyways, I just wanted to reply before I pass out. I try to be certain to veg out, a little bit everyday. 🙂 Drop you a note in the morning. Night.

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