an Uncomfortable Note, circa 1994

an Uncomfortable Note, circa 1994 by ted giffin

Let’s settle this like civil neanderthals.
Do you drag your women around by the hair? Cro-Magnon, perhaps?
Do you wear a hood?
Be my executioner.
Step up the guillotine, public stoning public lynching,
ascending…with my pez dispenser of XANAX.
Cliche fiery melancholic artist, clueless,
a Rebel without a Clue.
I am like a bull. I see RED and I CHARGE!
Do you see red?
The difference between us?
You are a Misanthrope whereas I am a Chameleon.
Let’s join forces! You and I against the World!
First we conquer France, take the Rhine, and then on to Mighty Mother Russia!
Trash. I’m Trash? You’re Trash? Take Out the Trash!
a fly trapped in a web. a moth. a cocoon. a butterfly. blooming.
I walk and THEY turn their heads.
I eat meat. I like dead animals. I wear leather jackets and leather shoes!
the Psychopath Cat Who Kept Coming Back,
though Curiosity Killed the Cat,
and has one life left,
brought to you by Kelloggs
Who Breed New Things to Life.

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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