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  1. Lovely. As usual.
    And I meant to thank you. I painted a month ago for the first time in… 40 years?
    I had to paint something for my daughter. Urgent.
    But I painted it because you showed me it was possible.
    And the funny thing as I was painting – rather in a hurry as I was running out of time –
    was that my hand remembered. The memory of – drawing and – painting was still in my hand…
    And all that because your many paintings have reminded me that I used to do it.
    Thank you my friend.
    (Not anywhere close to what you do, but it’s all right)

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    • That is so Cool! I am really happy for you.
      Your eyes and hands remember.
      Keep doing it, just enjoy yourself.
      What struck me, was your mention of time, and hurriedness.
      I like when my hands and eyes are working fast, but retain a sense of realism.
      Loose and describes the image. That is my favorite feeling. Intuitive and Descriptive,
      being in the flow! 🙂 Cheers for You!!!

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      • I wanted to paint a kingfisher for my daughter before she left on a trip. And I’d let days pass, and I had only two days left. I thought the drawing and painting would take me a lot of time. Lack of practice. But, no. 2-3 hours at the most (watercolour is easy). Like I said: hands (and eyes) remember… And the movements with the brush felt very nice… Cheers back.


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