Was Told, ‘that Details are Immature’

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    • (lol) Cool!! I was watching a documentary film on an artist,
      who was of Chinese-American Descent.. Amazing work..
      So, one of his teachers told him that detail work is immature..
      I was told by my Professors, that surrealism is immature..
      Not sure if I agree with either of those assessments.

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      • Definitely. I was told by a friend that he no longer makes criticisms to Artists,
        he thinks that anyone who creates should be applauded and not put down.
        Correct Art has no Boundaries. Perhaps the comments were made to me, to see
        if I would stand my ground with my Artistic vision, to see if I would budge.
        Most likely, I will not budge. 🙂

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  1. Good. Art has no rules. If it did it wouldn’t be true art.

    I received tons of criticism about my music and didn’t budge. Too many instrumentals, songs too long, you’re not supposed to play bass solos, mixing different styles, no hooks, no catchy lyrics… 😀

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