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    • Thank for always dropping by! Yeah, I realized 2 weeks ago,
      that I am having fun doing the rooms, the atmospheres where the characters
      in my pictures reside, because it is so abstract. Therefore, doing a landscape
      was enjoyable, because it is pure abstraction to me!

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  1. This scene is great. I like feeling as if I’m about to start walking in the picture. Ialso, I think you do an amazing job on a lot of the background things in your work. I often enjoy the secondary stuff as much as the primary part of the piece.


    • Great, I am getting more into landscapes.
      My expectations are not as great, as when I do portraits or figures..
      I am not worrying about likeness at all. I have no system really, it is a bit more free.
      Just abstract mark making that ends up defining space.. A friend of mine told me that even
      my landscapes evoke emotions.. Cool!


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