Art, Music, Writing surrounding ‘There She Goes’ CHECK THIS OUT!!!

Alright, I want to give some back story about the Art and Music in this post.
Am I alone, that in the development of one’s brain and it’s neuro-chemical passages-
that fully develop most likely by the age of 30-
that Ones Thoughts and Emotions About Certain People Keep Resurfacing?
No matter how well the emotions are dealt with, how it is all resolved
and over with, these folks just keep popping up in your thoughts.
Well, that happens to me a bunch, about roughly 6 people,
some of whom may not even be aware that I think of them.
I draw these folks a lot, sing about them a lot.
It is an ever full emotional place that I can always go and visit, draw inspiration from..
I was told once I am not A MUSE, though when she said it, sounded like
Anyway, listen to the song and look at the slideshow of these people that I have drawn
hundreds of times over the years. Try to see the similarities in these 48 images
and remember that they are based on 6 people, these are drawn from memory.Reflect, discuss amongst yourselves..

There She Goes (audio,cover done in the ted way)

There She Goes Again, (in my head slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean by the same people coming up in your thoughts again and again, particularly as inspiration, either direct or indirect. I think there’s some sort of Jungian “archetype” thing going on there. I wish I could draw and paint like you, Ted. Your work is killer.


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