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    • Great to hear from you! I will try to run you through what
      I was thinking while making this piece. The visual may not
      relate or depict very well to the thought process. Here goes.
      I was thinking about immigration, and the history of it in the United States.
      It seems to me that immigrants have almost always been at the bottom end of social strata.
      The Irish came here, and were treated unfairly, almost inferior. Also then the Italians came
      as well, were stereotyped too. It goes on and on, to the present day. Asking myself, is that
      the human condition, that a person gets treated poorly and once attains a position feels the
      need to put down someone else? Also my thinking was of Saint Patrick’s day, here in my local
      mid-western town. Saint Pat’s day here, is not a celebration of being Irish, it is an Excuse
      for the College Kids to wear green, and get really really Drunk. The Kids put their ‘Beer Goggles’ on…
      I joke, that I do not go out that night, because it should be called “Amateur Night”
      So you see, ‘Sometimes’ the luck, this figure may not even be Irish, that it could be indeed someone
      getting trashed, and that the Irish are getting quote blamed for the figure’s behavior, and that is not
      very good luck. Anyway, that being said, my image and the title along with my response could very well be
      convoluted. I hope this sheds some light on the picture. Thank for dropping by!


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