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  1. Hello! What Medium did you use for this? I would swear it was a picture if I didn’t know your work. Of course now you’re going to tell me it is a picture. lol I will say you have a way of capturing a woman’s features, specifically the emotions in the eyes that I rarely see anywhere.


    • I used Black Wax Crayon for the darks, White Wax Crayon for lights,
      and then for slighter shades I used a Black, White, and Red Colored Pencils.
      Hey, by the way, thank for the retweets. Also I read a post that dealt with your
      brother in law. I believe you did the right thing, trying to clean up the past.
      Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that those you do that with, have severe reactions
      towards you. So, just saying, your side of the street is clean, though it pissed your sister
      off a bit. (hugs)

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      • Thanks. I have days of clarity where I want to set things right unfortunately my family isn’t ready, have heard it before, are sick of my behavior, etc. I go too long without talking to anyone so when I do I repeat myself or try to get everything out at once like it’s my last conversation on Earth. I understand how that can be annoying or frustrating. It would help if maybe my own family talked to me more often. I live with my dad and we only actually talk maybe once a day and that’s it for me there’s no one else. I’ve tried Group Therapy so many times it’s pathetic. I keep trying to force my sister to spend time with me and I only end up feeling hurt. BUT when I buy my new car ( I have no clue what a good used car is anymore) I’m going places! Your work is so beautiful you need an exhibit!


      • It is possible that sometime next year, I may have an exhibit locally
        from a top notch gallery. Interest was expressed by the wife of the curator.
        All I know is that they have events booked throughout 2017. I am a total hermit.
        I am know to not actually talk to another human in person, face to face, for weeks
        on end, which really is pretty selfish in my own estimation. I have a therapy group
        I can choose to go to, that I think is pretty cool. Just sayin’, I relate a bit. 🙂

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      • I was just going through all of your work. Unbelievable! My Dad thought a few I showed him were photos and he’s had his eyes fixed! lol Amazing the way he was walking around before with cataracts, stubborn. If I had my own home it would be filled with your work.


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