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    • Hey, thank for asking! Most of my recent images are around 5 inches by 8 inches. The less area
      that I have to cover , the more I can get done each day. Also, my thinking is that if I can
      conquer a small work, then if I do work larger the image will not fragment from the center,
      which I find happens. This image, was done solely with colored pencils, which are of good quality
      and feel ‘creamy’ when applied to the surface. In general, I use mixtures of colored pencils, oil crayon,
      ink, and wax crayon. Paint is so messy, I like the immediacy of drawing, and gives images the feel of being
      painterly. I started this one, trying to get the tattoes to show in dark blue, light green, and bits of red.
      Then went on to match skin tone, and the worked to the surrounding area. Verbose response, huh? 🙂

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