When You Cannot Make Sense, Sit in the Rain

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    • Each piece takes somewhere between an hour and up to four hours.
      Something about all the studio art classes in College, being 3 hours long.
      I am somehow ingrained to that. I work fast, and relatively small.
      The less area I have to cover, the more I can produce.


      • I gotta say that as untrained eye, they look good to me. And another question, It may sound silly but as a smart person told me, if you don’t ask you will never learn.
        So you paint 1 to 4 hours straight? And also when you paint you do it standing up or you sit?
        I ask you these questions since I write everything is helpful, you people give me the ideas, plus is interersting what you do.

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      • Hey Charly, sorry for the delay in response. Well, lately when I work I am sitting down, my work is better when I am relaxed. A good friend of mine can tell if I am relaxed or not when looking at my images. But I have been known to stand or place the image of the floor all sprawled out. When I work large, like the size of a door, it is intensely physical, like I am throwing my arms and body into the piece, like I am on a baseball team, just depends…


      • No problem with a delay response, people are busy. You said painting a piece the size of a door?…. That is quite something, I did some painting in my time but just watching others, so I have no clue about techniques as a matter of fact neither do I know much about poetry, will learn one day when time really permits, or just have it as a real cool hobby.
        Hope you start out the week good

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