Atonal. Sinister. Wallow.
Ornamental versus Plain.
Harmony, Gold.
Sharp Lines Like Razor Blade Incisions.
Freud Frightened Of His Sister Castrating His Mother’s Horse,
Because It Turns Him On
Creates an Urge to Shag His Father’s Eye Socket
Which is Covered By a Black Patch.
In Turn,
His Nephew Transforms Propaganda Into Goebbels’s Public Relations MasterPiece.
The Masses Must Be Controlled
as a Result
of His Uncle’s Psychic Cocaine-Addled Perversions.
Flooding Thru Modes Fifty Thousand Prostitutes Form the Foundation For the Phallic Middle Class.
Rising. Up.
Like a SkyScraper.
Sexuality is Supposed to Feel, Be, Natural.
Coffee Shoppes, Palaces, the City Beneath the City
Homeless, Drug Addicts, Outcasts, Mentally Ill
Who Are
Impoverished Scapegoats for Jails
Ugly Politicians with Cash Spilling Out of Their Stuffed Pockets.
Oh, If Only He Could Draw City-Scapes That Weren’t Devoid of Feeling.
If Only…
Not Outdated,
Entropy Emoticon.
Needless to Say,
Not a Happy Ending
(the good guys get slaughtered)

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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  1. Manic? Society is manic. Sick and twisted in it’s pathetically bland, sterile, tasteless, obedient, automatic, freeze-dried, monotonous, tone deaf, watered down, terrified, ignorant, simple-minded, limp dick, dehumanized existence.

    Have a nice day. 😀

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    • Yes, Society is sped up like it is experiencing Mania. I would also include that it has Schizophrenic qualities, delusional, out of touch with what is happening, most likely violently psychotic toward it’s self, and the globe on which it resides. End result, could very well be the suicide of humanity. Yes, I am having a good day. I always have said that Insanity is a Sane Reaction to an Insane World. So, in the end, that I am classified as Ill, does that make me Healthy? LOL

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