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      • Not sure what you mean by “dimmed”? Not as shiny or darker? I’ve been every color possible but was born blond it darkened some in my early teens so by 15 I was coloring it Light Blond by 1991 I was almost White Blond because I wanted Vince Neil’s hair. I kept that color for a long time. Any time my mom was angry or really happy she would cut/color her own hair. UGH!! I’m the one she made even out the back, I had to lie and say it looked fine all the time. lol I didn’t cut my hair but I started coloring it depending on what was happening in my life. Always ended up back at White Blond until these last 3-4 years. I realized no one could actually see my facial features all they could see was a white blob! lol I have really blue eyes that no one noticed until I changed my hair color. Including people who knew me for years!


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