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  1. This piece is so elegant and captivating. I’m not sure why but it reminds me of the lead female in the movie Gladiator. Probably because it’s one of my favorite movies and the jewelry! I might have to take some inspiration from the jewelry if that’s okay with you? Just the shape. It’s pretty close to what I do anyway. Again, it’s stunning.


    • I have had opportunities to watch Gladiator.
      Perhaps I should see it, to see what the resemblance is..
      Certainly, Be Inspired! Thank you about the piece.
      It was the last one that I did that day , I recall.
      By the end of a day, I start to either really nail it, or know
      that it is time to stop. 🙂

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      • Definitely nailed it! I first watched Gladiator in the theater. I was the only one there. I went back 2 more times. I’ve discussed this film with the strangest people. (Don’t mean you. Once spent 2 hours discussing it with Mike Tramp from White Lion) A great actor can convey everything with their eyes. Russell Crowe does this BUT Joaquim Phoenix delivers the perfect speech to his father that I felt so deeply I never forgot it. I’ve used it in a Blog because it’s so perfect. Maybe I’ll blog it again and talk about the movie LOGAN. Again I thank you so much for your kindness and patience. There’s another place I follow on Twitter that your work would fit nicely in. Don’t want to be pushy just let me know if you are interested I keep seeing so much Digital Art with Guppy Faced women I can’t take it!!! The world needs you Ted.

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      • LOL, ( the world needs me)… I saw a clip of gladiator, it was a scene where Phoenix’s character is being put down by his dad. I saw it juxtaposed to George Bush and George W Bush. I have only seen just a little digital art. One fellow blends bunches of art history images within one image. I am typing a lot here, because the computer is being agreeable again. Thank you for all the retweets. I saw a comment you had made on a mirror image. Though you are correct in saying that one is soft edge and the other is hard edge, it was not intentional. You have a good pair of eyes.

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      • That’s hysterical considering without my contacts or glasses I can only see my hand in front of my face. lol I’m actually afraid if we ever have a fire I’ll have to grab my contacts & saline solution before anything else! For some strange reason I feel I can’t see as well with my glasses. I see a lot of things that only I interpret as being there. I’m constantly admonished by someone for “reading too much into things” okay my sister says it. I want to tell her most of the time I’m right but she’ll say “you’re so dramatic!” or something similar I don’t want to hear. Who am I kidding? She probably won’t respond at all. lol


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