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  1. I loved this but wasn’t sure if I should find humor in it. My thinking is a little more twisted than the average person. It’s also “immature” or so I’ve been told with frequency lately. lol I’ve used Uber many times and luckily I’ve only had 1 odd experience. In Naples, Florida of all places. The driver invited himself over to swim in the pool at the house I was renting. He was about 58-60 years old, told me he lived in a trailer with a few dogs and didn’t have air conditioning. I tried not to be too friendly but also not rude. It’s a fine line when you feel compassion but you don’t want a stranger breaking into your vacation rental!! I fixed it with him and he was fine.

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    • Wow, far out! Florida is so strange, the state seemed like sea shells and pastels to me.
      Yeah, you get my sense of humor, this was meant as a joke. 🙂
      Thank you for all the retweets too!


  2. Sorry I lost track. Did I tell you I love the piece and their was another one I can’t remember the name of right now that was stunning! “Okay, I’ll leave but I’m taking the Crystal” that one! Stunning.


  3. When I find something that moves me it’s my hope to share it with other people like me who will appreciate it. With the person’s permission which I’m not sure you gave? I just assumed because I could retweet it. Sorry about that. Naples isn’t what people think it is. I actually feel more comfortable there than I do in my home State and I don’t have money & I’m on Disability. Rhode Island judges people harshly because we are such a small state. There are 2 types of people, the haves and the have not’s. It’s made painfully clear. I’ve given up everything I possibly can except the few cigarettes I have before I go to bed. Seriously no wheat, barley, rye, dairy, corn, dark colored soda or tea, alcohol, anything with Gluten, friends, freedom, a kidney, okay I might be getting carried away but it’s how it feels sometimes lol

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    • I am grateful that you share anything that I do!
      In a way , I understand the whole east coast snob deal.
      A lot of my middle class family and even high school friends reside in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.
      I have known others who went to Rhode Island School of Design.
      I am hopelessly (?) mid western, Hoosier Kid.
      I really feel that it does not matter how rich or poor a person is,
      rather be judged, if I am to be judged at all, by the content of my character.
      At some point, I will change my eating habits. I am lucky to be alive at all,
      especially considering my former nicotine habit. So cool that you have made positive changes!

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      • I certainly do not wish to be judged by my peers. I told my dad if I’m ever arrested and I have to go to trial the whole “jury of your peers” thing is going to have to change for me. The judge will have to go to the local zoo to find a jury because animals are more on my peer level. My dad didn’t know what to say. As usual, I told how I really felt and thought. I really need to try to control that a little better.

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      • My Dad has been by my side through so much that it would be pointless to be anything but candid. He’s watched while a Disability Judge did his best to humiliate me, he’s watched as another Judge sentenced me to 2 years probation, alcohol counseling and a restraining order against a person my Dad knew had actually hurt me not the other way around. I watched him clench his jaw and ball his fists as he tried to control his pain and anger. My Dad was brought up in a big family where no one talked. You never showed emotions and he was never told he was loved. My Mom forced him to change and I love him even more for it. He agrees with animals being our peers. I inherited my quiet shyness and love of animals from him. Look at some of the work on Beautiful Bizarre I’m always surprised at what I find & I know your work has a place there. If that’s what your interested in. lol (Sorry for pushing!)

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      • Your Dad shows you unconditional love. That is beautiful and has real meaning.
        My sister has been thru a lot with me. The worst of it, really. All the mentally ill
        hallucinations, psychosis. Just hearing about your dad, makes me feel, FEEL.
        I have a new puppy, love her so much. Her name is Jiggly. Love from family
        and animals are the roots to a life, I can’t even find the right words…they
        give tangible substance to deeper life.. Something that is natural and free, internal,
        rather than purchased store bought. 🙂

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      • A NEW PUPPY?! You’re just now telling me?! lol I bang my head against the same brick wall trying to make my own twin sister like me. I have to learn to stop that some people are only capable of so much. I should know by our entire 44 + years together how she thinks and behaves. The difference is I accept and love her regardless of her faults. She holds grudges, it’s either black or white, her way or the highway, I could keep going. Since I was a child I have had an “Idea” of what twins and sisters should be. Life isn’t a movie no matter how much I expect or want it to be. Thank you Ted. Animals to me are the purest things on earth. They are what they are, they act out of survival, love, and loyalty and that’s about it. They don’t taunt their prey with hurtful words before taking it down. When they have to feed it is done with precise swiftness, no needless suffering. Ugh! Rambling again. Where did you get your puppy? I only ask because I had the hardest time finding Dutch. (Pain in Ass) I always get that 1 dog that no matter what you do will not let you touch their feet!!

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      • It is absolutely fine if you ramble to me. I understand the excitement. Yes, the puppy was a gift to myself for Valentine’s day. She was literally the size of my hands. Got her from the local pound. Only $15 which included shots and getting her fixed. We hit it off immediately. She was 8 weeks old then. She loves people and other dogs. So affectionate. So cool that when I leave the room and come back, she acts like she hasn’t seen me in a lifetime, hi hi hi how are ya love ya, is how she acts.

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      • Would love to know what pound you live near. First no pounds in the State of R.I. had any dogs. It seems “Rescues” go to them and hand pick what they think are “good ones”. They give them a bath and put their pics online for adoption. What they don’t tell you is that you have to fill out a 10 page form which includes your income, a list of previous animals owned and how they died, a list of animals you have now and their vet records, a home inspection, and a million other questions. Any dog under the age of 2 is $600. When I went it was lower. I fell in love with 2 Chihuahua brothers that had to be adopted together. I spent time alone with them and as soon as the door shut they both jumped on to my lap. This must not have happened often because the staff all came to watch. I spent an hour and half with them. I made the mistake of saying my last Chihuahua was intuitive when it came to my Bipolar Disorder. Next thing I knew the price shot up & suddenly they had other people interested. No one had looked at these dogs for 6 months. I was crushed. I wanted to be honest even though I knew they were asking for too much info and money. But since then They’ve been evicted 4 times from properties they were using!


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