Born Under a Bad Sign (video)

Born Under a Bad Sign.

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    • I first heard this tune on Vinyl, Albert King Live in San Fransisco. I heard for the first time last night done by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band as part of their set at Woodstock 69. I did it simply in the key of D, running the bass line into the D major chord.

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      • Yeah, I like the Butterfield Blues Band version, too. Great band. But, though I like the blues, I’m more of a rocker – Hendrix, Santana, Robin Trower, Sabbath, Uli Roth, Schenker, Zappa, Randy Coven Band, Pink Floyd…

        As you can probably tell I play guitar. 😀 Bass and percussion, too. I used to jam “Bad Sign” in E, often as a long instrumental jam. Lots of fun.

        I have to say, I’m not a big art fan, but I really dig a lot of your stuff. I’ve done a bit of drawing myself, very amateur, but I used to combine drawings with photos to create images with messages for album artwork for CDs of my music. I mixed my 4-track analog recordings onto disc and put them in jewel cases. Great therapy.

        I enjoy your site. Thanks.


      • Cool! I do not claim to a blues player. Are you doing reel to reel then? If so , that is nifty. Yeah, Bad Sign really should be the jam. Art is strange. I mean it takes a second to see it, give a thumbs up or down. With music, it is hard to get people to spend 2 or 3 minutes to listen to something. Forget about it, if you ask folks to click more than twice. Yet I believe that everyone has their own music aesthetic.

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  1. Actually, my recording deck was low quality – analog 4-track with an ordinary audio cassette as the tape source. I was able to double the tape speed to 3 3/4 IPS which helped a little, but it was still very low quality. I got over it though. At least I was able to record my music any time I wanted.

    I gave up my band and stayed away from playing music for years while raising 2 daughters. Then, I got the itch and started playing again. Then, I started writing again. Then, I started recording and wound up completing an album I’d left unfinished for years, then 5 more. I wrote everything, played all of the instruments, mixed and did the artwork. Though very few people own any of the CDs, it’s all good because I did it for the music, not recognition.

    I know what you mean about it being difficult to get people to listen to music as opposed to looking at a work of visual art. It’s even tougher for me because most of my songs run 5 or 6 minutes, some are 7 or 8 minutes long. Crazy, huh?


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