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  1. I look at your paintings and my first impression is that some of these girls look like me. I know, I know, I am not modest at all (but I have no reason to be) and this comment might seem very weird but I am that kind of woman who says what she thinks. Is it Good or Bad? Who knows! I do love your paintings. Congrats for what you’re doing here! Honestly.

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    • That is nifty that you look like some of these images. Neato! Not a weird comment, at all. I do not know what you look like. Reminds me of a drawing that I did over 20 years ago. Here is the story.. I drew a woman that was just pure imagination. She was beautiful..I said to my girlfriend at that time, that If I ever met the woman that I had just drawn, that I would marry her. Still haven’t met the woman in the picture. Footnote: that girlfriend left me soon thereafter, rightly so. Thank you for the encouragement, it is wonderful to be seen and heard around the globe, virtually.

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