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      • Hey Janet,
        I beginning to grasp color a little better.
        Getting more control of the media that I use.
        So, that way it can have that fast painterly quality..
        Some days, it seems it takes about 6 hours before I really get in the groove.
        Also, it is okay that I am not a realist, of course what is reality? Vague?


      • Good morning, Ted. I have noticed that your work is getting looser, more painterly and is filled with more confidence. I recommend that every artist give themselves a ‘warm up’ period at the beginning of the painting day. Being a painter is like being a dancer or athlete….we need to stretch and I find that when I do it, I can save myself hours of frustration. As far as not being a realist….Of course that’s OK..more than OK…the key is to be completely true to yourself which allows work to grow and develop in an authentic manner. Hope you have a super charged creative day…janet 🙂


      • I want to let you know how grateful I am for your consul on Art.
        I have been keeping in mind what you are saying about warming up.
        I start the day with doing Music. Then , when I start to draw
        I restrict myself just to black , white, and grays..
        Then once I am loose, I try to manipulate color.
        In college what my Professors had me do, was tons of 30 second gesture drawings,
        then once we had all the hype out of our systems, the class would work on more developed
        work, longer pose. I love the freedom of color and movement in all your work. It screams

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      • Your last sentence produced a huge smile.:) I enjoy seeing the progression of your work and think that music is a great way to warm up…. Your professor was right about the 30 second gesture drawings…and the benefits of that training can be seen in your work today. We need to get rid of all that muck in our heads and be present each and every day to paint and create….that will always promote contentedness and happiness. Enjoy the day….janet


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