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    • So great that you enjoy these. I have spent a few days away from visual art,
      just doing cover tunes. I realized tonight in a fashion, something I know and forget,
      that Color is Spatial, blotches, not so much linear definition of space.
      So it is as if I get an impression of color, like squinting your eyes until everything gets blurry,
      that is how I mimic what I am seeing. So, yeah, um, I am not showing here in town.
      Usually I just give people stuff if they like it well enough. I am more concerned at the moment
      of perfecting my craft, producing and producing every day. Making the most of my time on earth.
      If the flood stops, and I am starved for cash, that is when I would be more likely to sell and show
      all this stuff. I have 1000’s of these on my walls right now. It’s like, all the White Wall Space
      that I ever wanted. Trying to fill every inch. 🙂 Long drawn out reply , huh?

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