There is NO TIME (live)

Lou Reed wrote this tune back in 1989.
True as ever today. Anybody ranting on about U.S politics
should listen to this one. Also, it goes out to

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      • I have to listen to that Album, I cannot recall hearing it.
        Actually, I have been listening to Lou since about 1984.
        I went to a Hippie Head Shoppe that sold records.
        Asked the dude there, what I should buy?
        He handed me the Velvet Underground Banana Album, with that Warhol cover,
        said, Trust Me. I did.
        He was right. And I was only 14 years old.

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      • I wish I’d discovered him earlier. It was at uni I got a taste for his stuff. Around the time he died there was a lot of interest. They threw the mold away when he died. He was one of a kind.


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