‘Photobooth’ for Katherine

Hello! Today I was looking for new music to record.
Came across a band called Deathcab for Cutie, a name gleaned from
a group in the Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour show. So It seemed correct
to do the song ‘Photobooth’ because I love the Beatle reference and also
I know Katherine over at the website called Photobooth Journal.
Here is the link:
Do check her site out, it is immensely pleasurable.

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  1. Cool! Thanks Ted? I’ve been laying low, trying to blog on the quiet. Not commenting so much, as I get overwhelmed so easily by the the fact that people keep replying to my comments! 😱 Why would they do that? 🤣😀🤣. Thanks for thinking of me Ted! How was your Xmas and New Year? Mine were good. Back in a tick. . .

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    • Great, take your time! I am certain that there are so many great images on your site, that I could spend eons trying to recreate them using mixed media.. I should look up the song lyrics for you, so you can better see the proper image. My computer was giving me heck today while trying to record the song, so that may explain the blurriness of the vocals and other sounds.. Glad you dig it!

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      • The post is done and I was ahead of you on getting the lyrics. I was amazed how hard to was to find a photo in my stash where there were lips touching. I have loads of one person pecking the other. The real snogging ones are highly sought after and way out of my price range generally. But I did think I had at least one or two. Maybe I was looking in the wrong box? Dunno. I did eventually find one that came in a big lot. Must’ve been overlooked by the other bidders as I got them for a song. It is perfect, I think.


      • Awesome Cool! I just had the opportunity to reply to you.
        Gonna hit your site straight away.
        My morning and afternoon was filled with business helping others.
        The rest of the day, was a whole bunch of music.
        I will see the post very soon! 🙂

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