Here is Kurt Cobain’s take on being a creep.
“Daddy’s lil girl , ain’t a girl no more!”

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    • Great! Thank so much for watching! I saw your Xmas Portergirl video. The one with the teddy bear in it and I also noticed the guitar on the set.. The instrument was beautiful by the way the strings were curly cued at the top instead of trimmed.

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      • That guitar belonged to a dear departed friend and I haven’t touched the strings on it ever. Still plays beautifully, but I don’t play it much in the fear that I will break a string and have to replace it! Silly I know – he would much prefer the guitar to be played but I can’t bring myself to run the risk 🙂

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      • It is such a strange instrument. The scale of it, seems larger somehow to me..At first I was wondering if it was a bass, but I realized it has 6 strings. I hear you though, on not playing it. 🙂

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