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  1. i like play this game,
    you pick a nine millimeter glock,
    now you get three shots first,
    point blank,
    at my head? (i advise stopping at two)
    because after the third we see
    ifinn there is any honor?

    Now it’s my turn, you stick it where the sun don’t shine throughout your day!
    And put the trigger, i like the warm blood splattering over me

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    • I have a host of bad jokes about suicide. Like, ‘well, I guess you can say that Robin Williams was WELL HUNG’ or as a friend once advised me to ‘stick the gun to the back of my head, head in the toilet, and your hand on the flusher, that way you can blow your brains out into the toilet and flush, that way no one has to worry about cleaning up the mess’… I will stop there.


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