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    • Wow, that is really great to hear. I suppose that if I wanted to be a Renaissance Man, I should try to devise a flying machine that can expediently send one to Mars. Things are good. Struggling with a cold right now. Messing with an open tuning on the guitar.

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      • I’ve plugged my keyboard back on after 10 or 15 years. I can still play “au clair de la lune” but that’s it. I may go back to reading/playing music again. And your drawings have made me think of buying “fusains”.

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      • I highly encourage you to start making music again. I never have liked the feel of charcoal pencils. To me, it is like scratching my hands down a chalk board. “Screeeechhh” 🙂

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      • I’ll do my best about music. Never was good anyway. Maybe that’s the origin of my lack of motivation? So arrogant I cannot spend time on something I’m not good at? 😉 Or maybe I’m just choosing my battles? Chalkboard? Eeeech indeed. I like the sahdows one can make with fusain, but it easily becomes messy with the passing of the hand. I also like “simple” lead pencils.

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      • Well, what is great about Art, is that you can do almost anything for material. How about cigarette ashes for gray tones? I do music, despite the fact that it is not my strong suit. I will put the music back into the oven, practice, hopefully, it will be cooked 🙂

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      • I like the… metaphor… basically any good work in anything is based on repetition. Do it again and again and again, until you can do it with yours closed. There was a Belgian cartoonist who told his pupils: Do not look at your paper when you are drawing. Not even a glance. Only look at the model… (Until it is cooked)

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      • Love that idea…I call that sort of drawing while not looking, Blind Contour Drawing.. I had a friend who sat around, doing Blind Contour Drawings of Clouds… That is how free she was, also that endless..

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