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    • Thank Mia! I spent the last few days with my musician friend, Jesse. I played drums for him on a few of his new songs. We might play the streets together this week, with me on a snare and tambourine, and him on guitar/vocals doing his songs. 🙂

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      • Hey Ted! Sounds fun, I hope you had a good time with Jesse. Playing the streets, we have a thing here called “First Friday”, every month during the summer, a bunch of live music on the main street. Is that kind of what you do?

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      • That is not what we are going to do. Though there is a gig like that in town on Fridays here. What is going to happen, is he is gonna on the fly, figure out a street corner to play on, get ahold of me. I will meet him there. And he is going to work out his new material, busking. Me on the snare and tambourine for giggles.

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      • No guitar, just snare/tamb and maybe a little backing vocal. I doubt that he will let me make a video of it. He likes to control his image, and he has ‘people’ behind him. ‘They’ are based in New York. Really what I hope it manifests into is I get to play in some of the bars in town with him. Maybe more? Go on tour? dunno yet..

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