Portrait of Katherine, mixed media on paper, 5″ x 5″

Katherine is a very supportive and life-affirming person. Be sure to drop by her website:
Portrait of Katherine

Categories: Miscellaneous, Visual Art

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  1. THANK YOU, TED!!! Your impasto work is incredible. It amazes me that you are not being properly represented. I can see what you mean about the eye (referring to the email) but I totally love it!

    I will try to get my own blog post up later today, with this and the original photobooth photo. I will also link back here and hope you get some more followers.

    I should send you a pic of a portrait I had painted for my parents 29 years ago. It would be a bit of a laugh if I could find it. My parents weren’t fond of it, so it is in storage under the house!

    I feel very privileged to be the subject of one of your works, Ted. Thank you once again. x Kate

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  2. I think I will wait until tomorrow to publish but hope to send the draft I started about an hour ago to you to preview before I do.

    I have only just realised that much of your art is much smaller than I imagined it. Do you ever work on a larger scale? Having asked that, I am not implying that you should. I love small artworks that are given plenty of space in a frame, (or on the page on which they are made) so that you need to get up close for the detail, while still being able to read it from a distance.

    Oh, I do not see my interest in your work as a kindness to you, I see it as a pleasure for me. Im selfish like that. 🙂

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