Self Portrait, August 1993. oil crayon on paper, 9″ x 12″

The portrait was done at one of the lowest points in my existence.
Though it is crude, I believe that the look in my eyes and the countenance of my
face perfectly describes the psychotic mania that I was experiencing.
Self Portrait August 1993

Categories: Self Portraits, Visual Art

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    • I feel redeemed that the overwhelming sentiment about the image is that it is good. My Art Professors were negative about this one. Challenging times , yes, but I would not have lived my life any other way, not changed a thing.

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  1. This is a very powerful drawing. I think the crudenes of the drawing helps portray your terror, mania. I was working on a self-portrait last week and discovered that I don’t know what I look like. If I look at myself too long I see a stranger.

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    • I glad you see the horror in the image. Yeah, isn’t it strange about how one changes through time? I once wrote a song about being young, living my life, that it went by so fast, that I looked in the mirror, to my surprise, I found that I was an old grey man. Thank for stopping by and looking Nancy!


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