Ted’s New Material Playlist

Ted’s New Material Playlist

These are all new material by Me,
with the exception of the song called
“I Dare You” which was co-written in 1996 with Angela Whang,
tho the recording is recent by me.

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  1. Hi Ted! I like your music. the sound I like more is your voice+guitar. Simply, clean. My favourite is Am I really so (but I don’t like the delay of the girl’s voice )
    Great job! Big hug

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    • Wow Great! I am very happy that you like my music. Sometimes, I think I just suck. I have been getting differing opens on my vocals. Some think they are not honest. Oh by the way, Am I Really So, is not a female’s voice, it is me. I sing in different ranges. Do you think I should cut out the effects? When you say clean, that is what I think it means.

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