Ted’s New Material Playlist

Ted’s New Material Playlist

These are all new material by Me,
with the exception of the song called
“I Dare You” which was co-written in 1996 with Angela Whang,
tho the recording is recent by me.

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  1. Hi Ted! I like your music. the sound I like more is your voice+guitar. Simply, clean. My favourite is Am I really so (but I don’t like the delay of the girl’s voice )
    Great job! Big hug

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    • Wow Great! I am very happy that you like my music. Sometimes, I think I just suck. I have been getting differing opens on my vocals. Some think they are not honest. Oh by the way, Am I Really So, is not a female’s voice, it is me. I sing in different ranges. Do you think I should cut out the effects? When you say clean, that is what I think it means.

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      • Yeah, I have the 5th beatle (george martin) bad habit of using too much reverb.. Kinda like when Picasso used way way too much black to give form to his more cartoony works. Duly noted . 🙂

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  2. Hey tedgriffin, keep contributing your art to the world!
    “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”
    ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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