*51st State of America* (New Model Army cover) audio

This is a song that I heard on the radio in the 1980’s during the cold war.

It is all punk rock n stuff…


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    • So glad you knew the reference..A friend who taught me my first chords and I
      used to walk around the redneck indiana town we were growing up in, he had a mohawk
      and I was all gothed out, and he would play this song. I was so pissed because
      I couldn’t play it, do the changes. For some reason, I rememebered the tune, and
      thought, I NEED TO DO THIS ONE! so i did….

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    • I will do it for you!!! Listening to it for the first time right now.
      Strangely enough, Indiana looks all green and grey from September to April each year,
      and always on Sundays…. Be looking for it. I need to finish an Amy Winehouse cover
      then work on a drawing..So happy to get a request!!!


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