Thank You to all Viewers!!!!

My life has meaning and love.
I hope others in humanity have the same peace.
Perhaps that I do not fit, as a cog, in Society, is
an immeasurable compliment.
Insanity is a sane reaction in this chaotic environment called America.
If I had an over-flowing pocketbook, I might have been merely moniker-ed as “eccentric.”
Television sets, computers, and phones are entertainment.
I believe that if none of those objects existed, I would still draw, paint, and make music,
regardless if I had an audience.
These gifts give my life that meaning, tho are not the entirety of persona.
I want to thank all those who freely taught me the ways of the Arts.
Also I want to let my internet audience know that I am extremely grateful for
your attention and time!

These are thoughts that occurred to me while reading a book called,
“Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto.
The link to the free pdf is

Click to access 27806948-Dumbing-Us-Down-by-John-Taylor-Gatto.pdf

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