Archetype by the ambient zebras


No Angel
copyright (Hilton/Sutch)

Impossible common nonchalance
It could spell  XTC to touch
If just for peeks and glances all along the green and brown floor.

I turned around to grab my pen.
Looked back, he was not there again.
I scribbled down a frozen moment.
Stopping if from fading anymore
I caught myself wishing for a hip link to this erotic door.
Then I reprimanded me for wishing that sweet world away.
I just wanted to feel my hand just once on those quintessential shoulders.
But it is to his credit that simply there wasn’t any way.

And now I am back in the fluorescent glare of a library afternoon
Snap out of it into a life that fits me like an itchy sweater.
But when the rain’s curb levels
It’s easy to be a rebel
All you have to do is smile awhile
and the stirring masses all grumble together.

I stroked my hair and let the breeze draw out the statement that it made.
Then I remembered where I’d been just a few moments ago.
Asked the fellow and he left the tawdry carpet not unlike the one
walked on by elemental beings whom it was usually privilege to know.

Impossible common nonchalance
Discolored everything I saw
Stained it with a beautiful way to feel
And a lead crystal way to think

I took out my pen
Then put it back again
And slipped my soul upon the parchment
Welcoming the pressure and the ink.

Mitch Hilton a.k.a Mitch Wolfe= Vocals
Jeff Sutch a.k.a Michelob Jesus Rat (mickey)= Lead Guitar
Ted Giffin a.k.a whatnot, zing, Isis Leathe= backing Guitar

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