“Goin’ Down” lyrics/music/video/performance by giffin

Walk around innocent, dumb, and blind
With the veil turned down I am not alive.
Never asked who I am, who I am who are you, what I do
And I just don’t know I am goin’ down.
My life.

March thru time I’m looking for the truth
Asked the wrong questions and got confused.
I’m as wise as the bum sittin’ on the street
Askin’ for change/ gettin’ somethin’ to eat.
Goin’ Down.

Slick pretty faces on the pop magazines.
Got the right smile, no brains, lotsa teeth.
Got the cash, sex, and limousines.
It’s an overdose. It’s a legacy.
What’s up Man?
Goin’ Down?

There are those who scoff at the top
Who size their worth by the shoes they bought.
Even those who have been slashed, cut, and left for dead.
I will take my money and place my bet-

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    • I am glad you liked the lyrics. Unfortunately the sound quality is really not up to par,
      and I did what I could really quickly with a $30 dollar camera and simple editing stuff.
      My P.A system is not functioning. Also I think the camera really is not made for sound at all.
      I have a photographer friend who is going to help me shoot some real footage that I want to use
      for a higher quality video of one of my other songs. Been wanting to shoot it for years. Idea is in my
      mind. We are getting to work on it close to the full moon in August about a week away.
      The song is called ” Fool’s Moon”
      I have a recording I might have to remaster, I engineered the sound. It is good. Much better than this.
      Thank for your attention!


      • Can’t wait to hear it. I loved this… I come from a family musicians so they are always jamming casually whenever they can. We call it kanikapila or impromptu jamming of music in the backyard/beach/porch etc… πŸ™‚


  1. Yeah, the recording quality really leaves something to be desired (as you obviously already know. Interesting that the guitar sounds fine but your voice has some serious clipping going on. Move the mic further from your mouth! Given that the guitar sound is fine maybe a lot further. Nice song.


    • Yeah sound quality is aweful The actual recording device was a 30 buck camera with an lil mike in it.
      Yeah I can do a lot better. I have a really good recording of the song itself. I believe it is on a
      playlist on the site.
      the playlist is entitled, “New Tunes” by ted giffin.
      thank you for checking this out!


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