time for music disclaimers!!!!

Okay I have been in very many musical collaborations. Must somehow beg forgiveness for all those folks who I worked with,
all the writing credit screwups, like me claiming too much intellectual property rights. Most of the people I have worked with
I have screwed over emotionally and other ways. I can understand if some folks I sing about or with will never speak to me again.
Hey, that’s cool. I can dig it. I am available if any of you have something you need to get of your chest, not as if we all can
preserve a friendship or broken relationship, maybe I could help folks heal a bit. I dunno. Lot of debris everywhere….Everybody
right now is in my prayers, and certainly I am no angel, there seems not to be many of those left around anywhere anymore…there is
goodness in the world for i did not become a cockrock god cartoon star…I can say tho, there were some good times, no matter how fucked up
we all were getting..at least i am not syd barrett. I listen to this stuff, some kind of weird reckoning with the past,, i can see and hear shit
that happened during this nonsense…There is no absolution for me, i hope not to obliterate everything in my path from now on..easy to say,
hard to do, shallow and empty if not fulfilled….
for posterity and since no one is really noticing this stuff anyway, I put it online…

Categories: Manic Beatnik Riffing

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