On the subject of Technology

I remember the time of the Civil War, oops I mean Cold War.  When only the military and the higher education system had the Internet which was in this thing called DOS. Back then, people lit candles and wiped their behinds with corncobs in the outhouse. Wait, i think I am getting confused about all this, oh yeah, I remember when people talked on these things called rotary phones and this thing called AM radio which was pretty neat and syrupy, then we got FM radio…see uh we had 3 TV channels, and then we had color TV and 4 channels…It was fun later on, when we had dial-up Internet, and we chatted on AOL chat-rooms while reading the STARR report on how our President did something naughty with a cigar, and we were blown away to hear the BBC concurrently laughing their asses off on how are President got a blowjob. Morse code was fun, the enigma code hell all of WWII was pretty much a mindfuck. The internet is like some kind of bizarre CB radio, point to point communication,,,ah yeah the titanic , remember the Hindenburg my gawddd the Injustice of it all, ohhh the humanity.. I CANNOT FIGURE OUT THIS IDIOTIC WORDPRESS APPLICATION

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