Song Request from Equinoxio

Johnny B. Goode (chuck berry cover). Equinoxio asked me to try my hand at Chuck Berry. I was hesitant because I am more of rhythm guitar player. I am not good at leads. Plus Chuck Berry is some sort of rock’n’roll holy grail. Sacred ground upon which not to screw up. So the strange thing with this is that it is 12-bar blues in the key of B flat. I would rather do it in A major because it is easier on []

One of Us? (cover)

One of Us? The song asks if God is one of us? My answer is yes. Of course, I am full of pus which is another song altogether. Here is yet another more family friendly post. 🙂

Destroy before Reading!

Destroy before Reading (jesus lizard cover). This tune is dedicated to Kirk and his crazy old room-mate from back in the bad old days. I dunno.. Seems like this sounds to clean and pretty (sarcasm here). So glad my heart didn’t explode during the recording. This pins the tail on the psychotic donkey. I was never good at darts in a beer hall.