and the Audience Recoils in Horror.. (creative writing)

Even the best follower of reason will, at times, act irrationally, perhaps due to the person’s base impulses, drives, instincts, emotions.. for example those being sexual in nature. An individual has a conscience and ego, I assume, yearns for his life not to be finite, wants to be remembered for his greatness achievements for all time, BUT KNOWS that death is certain, therefore clings to the notion of an Eternal Soul. A Conscience, a notion of what is right and wrong, can []


  so.. I am a Soul in a Body. Sometimes I am not aware or plain forget that I am a spirit. I get ‘CAUGHT UP’ in the pain in my back, my tiredness, my emotions, BEING PHYSICAL… BUT.. I seem so small in the face of the universe, just a microcosm seeming so unimportant THO.. Could I be a ‘Mirror Of?’ a Reflection of the Entire of Physical Universe? ANYWAY, a Microcosm Implies a Macrocosm, Part of a Larger Piece. The []