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“Fool’s Moon” Maybe we’ll get together on a fool’s moon. Maybe we’ll trust each other on a fool’s moon and dance in the graveyard, play in the graveyard till we’re Gone. So many scared, pull back the covers Let’s hide all night. Waiting for the call that will save my life. And the cat wants attention But I don’t dare mention your name. Traveling down a gravel road not a soul in sight. Someplace, sometime, somebody’s in love. Smile for awhile. And []

“Blue Isis” video ,as performed by Scent of Sorrow

She stopped caring long ago. Morris said, ” Sing a song about skipping stones.” But none of that really mattered. She could just run away. blue blue blue isis And she stopped and she swayed. I remember the fishing went bad that year. Tim said to try to hunt with a spear. But none of that really mattered. It all could just float away. blue blue blue isis And she rocked and she rolled. She did not care if she lived or []

“Goin’ Down” lyrics/music/video/performance by giffin

Walk around innocent, dumb, and blind With the veil turned down I am not alive. Never asked who I am, who I am who are you, what I do And I just don’t know I am goin’ down. My life. March thru time I’m looking for the truth Asked the wrong questions and got confused. I’m as wise as the bum sittin’ on the street Askin’ for change/ gettin’ somethin’ to eat. AND I HAVE BEEN THERE! Goin’ Down. Slick pretty faces []