F.D.R’s NEW DEAL (original music) audio


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    • I am glad you inquired about the title. My father has a doctorate degree in American History, and was born in 1938. He wanted me to understand how the climate of times during the 1930’s affected our family . To that end when I was 10 years old, we traveled to Hyde Park, FDR”S residence. I have actually seen the room in the cover art where Franklin would make his fireside chats. I am really impressed with his policies and the adversity he faced with polio. The press respected the fact that he stood with braces on appearing as if he could walk, yet the general public at the time was unaware of his condition. He always held the hope that he would regain the use of his legs..Okay so… I believe that the United States should have another NEW DEAL, the host of government programs such as the W.P.A that hired artists(and other workers) to do Murals in Post Offices etc. Thomas Hart Benton was employed in this fashion creating Social Realism works. I believe the photographer Dorathea Lange was employed as a photographer covering the Dust Bowl of the times. All this being said, the title was a private joke, I want people to “LIKE”, the NEW DEAL, ( which is still a polarizing subject in politics). The piece is instrumental, I did not have anything to say lyrically- or so I thought at the time. Music anyway is just another form of communication, notes and sounds have feelings just like colors. Um thank for asking.

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      • That is really neat! It is so true that, love it or hate it, the New Deal is still a polarizing topic in American politics – 80 years on. Thanks to you, Hyde Park is now on my “must visit” list of historic places – it would be fascinating to see where FDR grew up and his presidential library.
        I find the places where history intersects art intersects science (like the importance and effect of polio on American history – they almost made the day the polio vaccine was released a national holiday!) to be such a great space for creating new art. Thank you for sharing the connections!


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