Buddhist Monks Meditating by Moonlight, collage made from artnews magazines, 8″ x 12″

Buddhist Monks Meditating by Moonlight

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    • Thank you!! I just went to your site and saw your gorgeous figure drawings from life.
      I absolutely dig your color!! Good advice to use paper that one might not worry
      about ruining, in the first few poses.


      • Definitely, I like ambiguity. I am not sure as far as perception
        that there is any such thing as objectivity. It is all relative.
        Perhaps that is an outdated look upon the state of the Arts.
        The way in which I make these is not some sort of thing where
        the viewer bows down and pays homage to the artist because of his
        technical prowess. I like that in music as well, where the vocals are
        so quietly mixed that the listener has no clue what is being said,
        and your mind wanders, makes it up for itself. Some cure songs are like


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